The end of the road

I don’t think this would work

But sometimes you have to realize all potential you have
Although it would be the best choice
It is not me
It is something inside of me
Trying to break from the inside
And go back to the surface.
This is only a parable
Of unknown thing
That always stuck in my heart for a long time


The story begins with a man who walks on the surface of the unknown world.
The world is flat and the surface is covered by grass, which is so thick so men just didn’t know whether they step on land, or holes
People need to find the right path, or they’ll fall into the holes that lead them to the sewer where the demon lives.
Yeah he isn’t alone there, there are people.
A lot of people.
And all of them are walking randomly.
Some people walking to the north, some people walking to the south, some walking to the North West and etc
They are walking on the same land. The only different is some people already know the right path, and some other still searching for it.

And this man is one of the people in this unknown world
Doesn’t know where he is going what is the point of this, just walking
And keep walking.
One day He misses his step and falls into the hole, which brings him to a sewer.

The sewer is so dark, that even blind men wouldn’t see anything.

This is the first time he falls into the holes. He never feels darkness like this before, He feels so frightened, he feels forgotten, and he feels so lonely. So he just sits down do nothing.

But then suddenly, there was a small light that shine from his body lighten the sewer

Now he can see a bit, he smiles and decided to stand up and continue walking

With that light he could seeing around the sewer, and he found a ladder. He then climbs the ladder, and found himself on the surface again

And he continues his aimless journey.

But then not so long after that. He misses his step again and falls to the sewer for the second time. But again with light that shine from his body he could find way to the surface.

And he falls again for the third time, for the fourth time, for the fifth time

He didn’t care about that. He never pays attention on his path. He just walking randomly, bravely (or maybe stupidly) because he believe he’ll be okay as long as he has the light

Then he walking again, and falling again

Walking, falling

Walking, falling


Until one day he falls again.

But now it is different.

The ‘inner light’ is disappear.

There is only darkness, a tense darkness.

Now he feels so frightened. Like the first time he faces this darkness.

 He is sitting down again. Rolling on the floor, but he isn’t laughing, he is terrifying (ROFT) as a terrifying sound comes closer

It was the demon, and it already right behind him

And he thinks there are no hopes left…..

But no, he is a lucky guy. He is one of the luckiest men on this world.

When he already gives up and let the demon takes his soul

Come several men that equipped with armor and sword protected him. They extrude the demon and lead the man back to the surface

And after he reaches the surface, those knights vanish. He doesn’t know where they are going. They just disappear like smokes.

He is really confuses, but then he continue walking again


Actually when he is on the surface his ‘inner light’ will recover slowly, but it never recovered well, because he always fall to the sewer before it recover well enough to expand;

So it is starts again. His daily habitude. Walking randomly and falling randomly

On the other day he falls, he has recovered some light so he could find the ladder
On the other day he falls, the knights save him, extrude the demon and lead him to the ladder

He thought it would be a permanent pattern, so he just accepts it as a part of his life

And then the day comes

The day when he falls.

But he hasn’t recovered yet, and the knights aren’t there

He stuck
Stuck in the darkness
Stuck in the desperation
Just stuck


And once again a voice from the demon really terrified him, but now it is more terrifying. Because he knows that the demon is running

And a-run-or-murdered race between them, but he is simply too weak so the demon could just grab him easily. Without any effort. The demon then preparing for an absorbing soul ritual.

When he feels it is the real over. And he’ll just died by the demon
There comes a clear light from the surface

A clear light that come from someone who just passing by.

And makes the ugly creature that chase him suddenly gone.

The light was so bright, so big, and so lively. He is enchanted with its beautifulness.

He is curious.

He never saw someone has a light that bright before, the light that even can shine through the sewer

 Then he standing and wondering how someone can have a clear bright light like that

The light is moving! He follows the light from the sewer unconsciously.

 And suddenly he thought that maybe there is a hope for him, he could go back to the surface!

He knows that he can’t just rely on his luckiness
He knows that he has something inside of him
He knows that he could make his own light, making his own knights

But he needs help, he is a lost boy.

But unfortunately no one knows how to help him. 

So he keeps following that light sneakily, hoping he’ll find some clue.

Because it is how he learned, by seeing people 

And now he tries to learn how to make his ‘inner light’ shines just like that mysterious guy.

After several days, he finally could make his own knights

But it turns out that he cannot use his own knights to help himself. He only could use his knights to help other.  Yea, help other people to fight the demon and find the ladder.

And he realizes. 
That in the past, there was someone who always sends him the knights to help him when he was in trouble
And the reason why the knight stop coming is maybe because that (or maybe those) persons(s) are gone from his life.
He smiled a bit and continues walking

So this is his life
He uses his knights to help people, while he learn to lit up his own light by himself

And finally after he follows that mysterious light for some times and learns some things

He could make his own wick! (Well start boy)
I repeat

And by the time passes he could make his own plate

And then the candle, the matches, and the burning oil

And finally he could make his own hand-made candle light just by seeing that mysterious light

That light really motivated him, although they never have a contact, and he just doesn’t know why,  it just motivated him to make this candle unintentionally.

Although it is not his ‘inner light’, he is excited just like a children that got their first picture of sultan Mahmud badaruddin II (equal to 10 pictures of pattimura)

How can he suppose to be not excited?

He can make his own light!

Although it a small candle and temporary light, its light just as bright as his ‘inner light’

He really wants to thank the mysterious light, but it is so fast that he cannot catch her up

So he promised,

on the day he can catch her up, he would say thank you, no matter what its response is.

He then searching for the ladder and climb it.

 And when he already in the surface, he starts running.

 He runs carefully, he doesn’t want to fall while chasing.

Because he know there will be no time left, he run faster, while hopes that light is slowing down.

And it turns out to be his worst wish ever…..

That mysterious light is fall to the sewer…..

He was so shocked. He never imagines something like this would ever happen.

He believes that that mysterious light won’t fall no matter what

And he feels so guilty to hoped it’ll slowing down

He then managed to go the place where that mysterious light falls, just want to make sure whether that mysterious light is alright, because it fell really hard

That mysterious light fallen makes the man really, really shocked

He runs faster, and even faster when he thinks about it

That makes this man fall too, falling hard too

As he runs faster, he falls harder too 
*bam* he smacked really hard

“Are you alright?”

As he tries to pick himself up he asks the mysterious guy that falling too in front of him whether that mysterious light okay or not

Now he has recovered some light so he didn’t need to use his own-hand-made-pretty-awful-but-inspiring candle.

 He is walking slowly as he approaches that mysterious light

That mysterious light is now already stand up and starts walking.

 The man knows that it is searching for the ladder to go up

He increase his speed because he doesn’t want it to left

And he gets closer and closer and closer.


As he gets closer he realizes something

The mysterious guy is a girl

And her light is really beautiful even more beautiful than what he saw

But her light now is not as bright as he saw; she must be really shock to fall that hard

He approaches her slooowlyyy

But he is too enchanted with its beauty and forgetting his real purpose to thank her

He suddenly feels ashamed to talk to her, because his light doesn’t even brighter than hers

So he just stands watching her looking for the ladder.

He just fails to keep his word

To thank her when he gets the chance

He only sees her from distant. He feels reticent.

So he just sees her making progress, and learns how she lives her life.
It seems she doesn’t have any knights, because she looks pretty quiet, but he doesn’t really know. He just guessing.

The only thing he knows is that he has to make a step before it’s too late, before she finds the ladder and gone

He tries to call her, tries to speak to her

But his voice never come out, or maybe never heard. You know different frequency maybe…
Or maybe she just an ignorant kind of girl so he actually hear but didn’t want to response

Or the worst thing

The man is in the different world as the girl, the different reality, and has different path


So he thinks, at least I should thank her. Thank her for a little thing, that matter for the rest of the man life although she thinks that it is nothing

But his voice is still ignored, so he decided to tap her shoulder.

So he comes closer



But when he already right behind her and about to tap her, a sudden lightning bolt light comes out of the woman’s body and dazzled the man

He fall down as he really surprised and dazzled with that

And while he try to get up and approach her again

A  group of equestrian knights already stand between them

He was shocked with their presence. And even more, when he tries to get up, an equestrian run and hit him with his horse really hard

The man fall hardly

How could the knight attack him? Doesn’t these knights are exist to kill the demon only?

And while he is really confused with the situation, he sees a reflection of himself on the puddle of the water.
And he can’t believe

Over something that he never ever thought for his life.

He turns into a demon.

He screams, he cries, he traduces

The sewer has absorbs his soul and his body, and turns him into a dreadful demon.

The equestrian start to attack him

And the battle begin, as the man hit them one by one angrily

It seems like his disappointment give him strength and big body

He hit those equestrian hard, but the equestrian keep come up and attack them repeatedly 

But in the end with a special shield, the last equestrian could block the man’s attack and lock his hands from attacking

The man’s hands is locked, even he tries his best to put them off the handcuff is just too strong for him

Now it is a deadlock

That last knight couldn’t use his hands as his hands hold the shield
And the man couldn’t move his hands, as his hands trapped.
It would be a deadlock till the end of time

Until a knife thrown

It goes through the man’s heart

Straight to the man’s heart

It was hers

The girl’s knife

She threw it…..

Such a shock moment, for a foolish like him. He deserves it…..

As the knife pierce right to his heart, he lost his balance, and fell down

He is on his knee, and his eyes shows a great pain

Not a pain from his wound that hurt him much, but rather because of his broken heart…..


The man already down, but he still alive and still could seeing her

She already finds the ladder

When she about to climb it…. she turns his head and looks into the man’s eyes

And an eye contact, for the first time, and maybe the last time.

The girl shakes her head, with sadness in her face

And the man close his eyes, as the woman makes a step

He knows that she is a kind girl with a bright light. 

But now her light is not as bright as he saw for the first time, thats maybe because she just took the ladder that she didn't really want to take to go to surface, or maybe just because she still can't find the real passion on this thing

He doesn't know

But he learns something

She is chasing for a brighter light, that’s the reason why her light is so bright
Because chasing someone, can lit up your inner light, and bring you to the surface

Just like what happened to him…..

And he admits it, that the reason why he chased her over is not only just to say thank you to her, but more because he has a great feeling one her


And a promises that he fails to keep, bear a new dream and a wish

He makes a wish, just a simple wish

If i ever meet you again

I’ll just thank you

Thank you

Thank you

And I’ll show you

The wick that I made :)

“When it gets hard, I just have to remember my goal” – ndak tau ah hihi

sebenarnya ini belum selesai, nanti kalo ada waktu di kembangin lagi ach biar lebih berkesan hahaha
cerpen pertama gw disini nih, ditulis pas gw mabok murni jam 3 an waktu itu
tapi yah sebebarnya gw selalu mabok jadi yaa ahahaha

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